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Why TIMS ?

25 years in Teaching equipment
Existence in over 40 counties & 300 Universities
Over 3000 documented experiments
Wireless, Signals & Systems, Fiber optics & more
Technology changes
Principles remain the same
Hands-on Learning
Performance matches theory
Immediately demonstrate concepts
Conceptual difficulties vaporizes within seconds
Complete solution for telecoms teaching
In the lab, pre-lab & distant over the internet



TIMS brings text books to life with real signals in real time. TIMS takes the pain away from Professors in teaching complex theories & math.
Students enjoy learning and Professors experience a sense of accomplishment.

Learn Telecommunication like never before


  • There was an increasing anxiety among students on
    how would the theory be applied in real world?
  • After their Telecoms Lab equipped with TIMS, learning has become so much fun.
    Advanced and complicated theories in Signals & Systems are
    not a hassle anymore.
  • Thanks to TIMS Block Diagram approach!


hands on telecommunications learning

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Expandable Capabilities to Meet Changing Technology

TIMS is Customisable

The TIMS’s modular approach offers instructors unlimited versatility and expandability, as the range of ADVANCED MODULES is constantly being expanded to include the latest in telecommunications theories like Wireless communications, OFDM, Radar & signals & systems areas. Instructors can also utilise the ‘Open Ended’ nature of TIMS by adding their own custom designed modules to demonstrate aspects of telecommunications in their sphere of interest.

March 3, 2023
When ChatGPT wrote our blog post

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February 17, 2023
TIMS-301 viral outbreak alert

WARNING: The TIMS-301 unit has escaped from the lab is now in the hands of experimental music enthusiasts ! We recently came across some users posting their work modifying and using TIMS-301 units to make fascinating audio creations. Given that TIMS is an esssentially an…

February 11, 2022
On the road again: USA visit

Travel for Australians has been quite restricted due to COVID these past years, so Carlo was excited to visit the USA for Christmas/New Year 2022 and took some time to connect with some users over there. Here's how it went. Georgia Tech, Atlanta: demonstrated our…