TIMS is now featured in an extensive Text book by Professor Mario Da Silva

Text book Mario Da Silva

The title of the book is ‘Cable and Wireless Networks: Theory and Practice’

ISBN: 9781498746816

Aimed at undergraduate and graduate readers, this wide-ranging text book combines theory along with hands-on exercises which utilise the EMONA TIMS and ETT-101 range of equipment. This book gathers emergent and current topics into a single source and enables students to develop deeper understanding of these systems’ interconnections.

By being integrated into this book Emona’s unique ‘block diagram approach', the author has demonstrated that this is indeed considered as the best practical method to reinforce the understanding of Telecommunications theory. It also re-assures the valuable positive feedback we receive from hundreds of our University users around the globe.

About the Author - Prof. Mario Da Silva

The Author of the book, Mário Marques da Silva is an associate professor and the director of the Department of Sciences and Technologies at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. His research interests include networking and mobile communications, namely Internet protocol (IP) technologies and network security, block transmission techniques, interference cancellation, MIMO systems, and software-defined radio. He is a Cisco certified instructor, a member of the IEEE and AFCEA, and reviewer for several international scientific IEEE journals and conferences.

Author Professor Mario Da Silve

Prof Mario Da Silva has also written and co-authored numerous titles, including ‘Multimedia Communications and Networking’, ‘Transmission Techniques for 4G Systems’, ‘MIMO Processing for 4G and Beyond: Fundamentals and Evolution’ and more..

Emona TIMS products support the practical component of  the book

Prof Da Silva came across TIMS and ETT-101 equipment during his tenure as a lecturer, and he approached us with his willingness to adopt ETT-101 experiments in his latest text.

Snippet of ETT-101 lab exercises given at the end of ‘Advanced Transmission Techniques’ chapter. Likewise, every chapter has a section:

ETT 101 lab exercises shown on Prof Da Silvas book

‘Cable and Wireless Networks: Theory and Practice’ is a comprehensive textbook on wireless communications, and networking security. It demonstrates the fundamentals of communications, identifies the key components of networks and communication systems, and covers many key aspects concerning the development and understanding of current and emergent services.

Seven pages of Appendix, listing experiments from TIMS lab manuals (with experiment numbers) and relevant chapters in the text book is marked against each TIMS experiment:

Appendix of experiments from TIMS lab manuals

Please visit the CRC Press website for more information on the book: https://www.crcpress.com/Cable-and-Wireless-Networks-Theory-and-Practice/Silva/9781498746816

The Textbook is presented at Wireless-2016, Dubai

Prof Mario Da Silva was a keynote speaker at Wireless-2016, held in Dubai on March 21-22,(http://wirelesscommunication.conferenceseries.com/2016) where this new text book has been mentioned.

A new Facebook page is created for sharing the updates and the events related to 'Cable & Wireless Networks' text book. Stay connected with the latest news at: https://www.facebook.com/CableandWirelessNetworks/?fref=ts

Cable and wireless networks book by Da Silva

Feel free to contact Emona directly or our distributor, to learn more about getting a subsidised copy of the book with specific TIMS/ETT-101 orders.

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